Adam Sevani Gif Hunt


Adam Sevani

Non-Dancing ~125
Dancing ~90
Total: ~215

About 40 of these are mine, the rest are from the tag -went back about a year before my computer couldn’t handle the lag anymore.

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Kim Bum Gif Hunt [Long Hair] ~200


~200 gifs of Kim Bum, mostly from Padam Padam. A chunk of them are mine, but not all. Note - he has long hair in Goddess of Fire too, but I will do a separate gif hunt for that.

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In case you didn’t know


Overused = Popular

Underused = Unpopular

We need to stop thinking of the word “overused” as if it’s a slur.  It means popular. It means it’s used a lot. That doesn’t say anything against the face. If anything, the face is being honored because a lot of people want to play it. If a face becomes overused, it’s because it’s a good face that most people like. 

When we root for underused faces, it’s the same as rooting for the underdog in a film or in your own life. We root for them because we believe they deserve to be just as popular; to be on the same level as the overused FCs, just like in typical teen movies. I mean, we rooted for Sam, Patrick, and Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower, right?

It’s not a good or bad thing to be overused or underused, which is the same as saying it’s not good or bad to be popular or unpopular in your own life. It’s your standing and people have just as much right to love the popular people as they do the unpopular, just like in high school. The thing is that we need to stop turning this difference into Mean Girls where it’s a constant battle, and make it more like Perks, where it’s just a fact of life and we party where we wanna party with who we wanna party with. Respect the popular and respect the unpopular. They are just as amazing in their own right. 

^ Yes, this, thank you. It’s great to introduce the world to a face you really love and want them to love also, but there’s also nothing wrong with using a familiar face everyone loves and uses. Not a thing wrong with it.

56 gifs of Jade Thompson

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40 (more) gifs of Carmen Solomons (part one)

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40 gifs of Carmen Solomons

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NOTE: Just because these blogs DO manips doesn’t mean they are doing them NOW. Please respect their open/close status, and check before you request.


One Direction Manips:

RPH Manips:

Old Blogs: (not updated, but have lots)

29 gifs of Kiersey Clemons


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Have a FC with fewer than five gif hunts? Need some more gifs for them? I can help you out! Send me a link to a HQ video (or more than one).

What kinds of videos make for good gifs? “Best of” videos, movie trailers, anything with lots of short clips of your FC. Interviews are okay, but you’ll have a lot of gifs that look roughly the same. Remember, the quality of the gifs can only be as good as the quality of the videos. I’m using an older version of PS—no smart filter for sharpening, I’m afraid. No, I don’t do PSDs or fancy coloring on these gifs, it takes too long, you get quantity out of me, not quality. I do sometimes lighten them but that’s about it.

How many gifs can you expect? ~20, maybe more. 25 seems to be my average.

32 gifs of Emer Kenny


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