walt west roleplay disney dreamcast → the aristocats

alicia vikander as marie

walt west roleplay disney dreamcast → robin hood

rose leslie as robin hood
sophie turner as maid marian

Do you take requests to make gifs for POCs? I really want some gifs of Eddie Steeples. There are not enough POCs in RPs, and I really want to put him in mine.

Yup! Just drop a video link in my submit, form’s there

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Do you feel your heart pounding? Can you taste the smoke in the air? Hear the crack of gunshots? Or are you too distracted by what you see—the smile on her lips, as sweet as the burn of whiskey and just as dangerous. Welcome back to Walt…leave your fairy tales in the dust. 

Walt, end of the stage coach line, a Disney/Historical RPG where old fairy tales meet the Old West in a town that’s little more than rocks, dirt, rattlers and folks with nowhere else to call home. Some came to get as far from the law as they could, some ran out of money on their way to California, and some folks are just plumb crazy enough to like it. It’s where you can’t trust the lawmen to be on your side or their own, where missionaries sing from street corners and saloon girls pour you a whiskey and charge you for two. Gold talks here, not that anyone’s got much of it. After all, it’s the late 1870’s in middle of nowhere Arizona, and if you’ve come to stay—and Lord help you if you have—sleep with one eye open, because you’re on the wild frontier now, and the only lullaby you’re gonna get’s the lonely howl of coyotes, the wheels of your wagon and whinny of your horse, and the only law folks’ll listen to is the one strapped in your holster.

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  1. roleplayer-helps said: TVD, TW, or PLL Cast
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  2. sugarsuggests said: Teen Wolf cast.
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  3. tonkinofrps said: 5SOS. Dylan O’Brien. Ariana Grande. Adelaide Kane. 1D. Selena Gomez. Those are the ones I see constantly in RPs I’m asked to check out?
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  4. samwinchesterhelps said: Nina Dobrev and Holland Rhoden are super popular right now. I see them everywhere, particularly with indie OCs

Thank you, friends!!

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Who are popular FCs right now?

Friends, followers, help me out I am seriously outta the loop and curious. Who would you say are some of the more quickly snatched up/requested faceclaims out there right now?

Is it okay to use your gifs for bio graphics and stuff?

Sure. I made them to be used so do what you’d like. Apparently the big trend now is like, icon gifs? That’s a thing now I guess? Idk I’ve been out of the rp world for a bit. But yeah, you can use the gifs I make for whatever your needs are. I don’t own the videos they came from and am in no way associated with the entities therein, so yeah I got no stake there.

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How many followers do you have?

I feel like this question is the tumblr-equivalent of asking someone their weight, lol.

But, for the record, less than 200. I don’t post stuff very often, and when I do 90% of the time it’s for my own benefit, not an actual request, so, not terribly surprised it’s a low number? As noted in my sidebar “helper” is kind of a misnomer, I’m just too lazy to change my URL.

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Body Diversity - Ladies with Gifs - Part 1 

↳ Adeleone | two | three

↳ Amber Riley: one (directory)

↳ America Ferreraone (directory)

↳ Ashley Finkone | two | three

↳ Gabourey Sidibe:  one (directory)

Nikki Blonsky:  onetwo | three

↳ Raven Symoné: one | two |three

↳ Rebel Wilson: one (directory)

↳ Sharon Rooney: one | two | three

Underused FC Gif Set: Chaley Rose


↳ Below are #25 gifs of Chaley Rose, all made by facehelper. Chaley is best known for her role as Zoey on Nashville.

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